Would you like to pilot MyReviewers?

You've expressed interest in piloting MyReviewers in the past. We want to touch base with you and see if you're still interested in piloting with us. We've made several changes to our tool after taking into account the feedback we've received. Here's just a small list of our new features:

• Grade Norming and Training

• Multimodal Assignments

• Audio Comments

• Draft Comparison

• Advanced Analytics

You can learn more at http://myreviewers.com



What is MyReviewers?

An e-learning environment that facilitates feedback on student writing, peer review, and team projects, MyReviewers provides document markup tools and writing analytics that empower instructors to offer better feedback in less time. Our real-time analytics provide the data that learning institutions need to facilitate student success. Administrators, instructors, and students can access personalized, adaptive analytics to understand student progress, instructor response, and program performance in real time.



 Demo Video

We've updated our demo video for 2017.


Ready to get started?

If you are interested in piloting MyReviewers, let us know at http://myreviewers.com/pilot/